This post is a companion piece to the Age of Adz reviews previously posted. Name Your Own Sufjan Album As discussed in my last post, Sufjan has declared the official death of the “album for each of the 50 states” project. This should not come as a surprise. “I’m surprised that the most gifted songwriter of his generation refuses to mechanically grind out albums for each state of the union” is not a reasonable thing for you to have been saying, silly.

However, it is reasonable to be bummed out by this. “But now I’ll never hear a tender and heartbreaking song about the first time I saw my true love standing by the animatronic piano-playing gorilla at Wall Drug Store.” Very reasonable thing for you to say, anonymous resident of South Dakota.

Also, we will miss out on some awesome album names in the vein of Come On, Feel the Illinoise. So, as the saying goes, “when the going gets tough, the tough play a silly game in which they come up with album titles for the remaining unmade albums from a fictional 50-album song cycle for each of these United States.”* After the jump (I don’t really know what this means, but I read it in people’s blogs a lot and wanted to say it), some suggested awesome names for some of the Sufjan albums that will never be: * I’m pretty sure John Dryden coined that expression. Big Sufjan fan.

  1. Raiders of the Lost Arkansas
  2. What were you eating Delathere? Delaware?
  3. You, Yourself, and Utah
  4. I Can Call You Betty, and Betty When You Call Me, You Can Call Me Alabama
  5. And/Oregon
  6. Together, We Kansas
  7. I Bet That You Look Good On the Dance Florida.
Oh, I guess that was the jump.

Of course, this is just scratching the surface.  Add your own awesome name in the comments sections.  He or she who submits the best name gets the satisfaction of a blog well done.