I am never anywhere anymore.

And neither are you. Are you ok with it? Because in theory I hate it, but in practicality I am not doing anything about it.

I hear you. I know you are saying to me, “I am right here reading your post. What are you saying?”

I am saying I never go anywhere anymore without being fully connected to somewhere else. I travel everywhere with the world in my pocket on a device that I should be able to contact any and every one of my friends in a matter of moments. That is if the bloody thing was actually a functioning phone.

So I should be at dinner with my wife, but instead I am enjoying a quick laugh with you about your shopping excursion. She is connecting with the high school acquaintance that lives 1000 miles away. It is romantic. I take a picture so I can remember how much I liked it, but I really don’t know how I feel about it because I am busy feeling about everything else.

Consume–I am never full.

What is the last update? Did something else happen? Oh, it’s just a politically motivated post by the friendly radical. I’ll just put this thing away. Buzz. Work email? Spam. Click to darken screen and back to dinner. Buzz. Work email? Yes, but not to me. Just comes to my team. I don’t delete it, but I won’t look at it again.

Where am I? What am I actually doing here?

Next problem: Because I am never here, I don’t give anything full effort anymore. Do you remember what it was like to apply yourself for an extended amount of time without any distraction? I am not sure I do. I tell the kids, “Give your best all the time.” I am a drunk telling them not to touch the stuff.

Did you make it this far without looking at something else? Place a call? Get a tweet? Not me. I took a call, sent a text and went to get coffee.

This problem occurs in every setting: work, home, church, whatever. Do I feel guilty about my distraction when my employer pays me to give my all to the job? No. If they can get me at all times, why do I worry if I am always on my own time. Even that is not a true statement. I am not even on “my own time.” Time has no owner anymore.

By the way, what should you be doing right now? I doubt reading this article is on your to-do list. How guilty do you really feel about postponing the top item? Don’t worry; you’ll get to it.

And now the clarion call to eliminate the ultra-connectivity that drives our post-modern lives… (By the way, how vain is that? That is so post-modern to call something post-modern. But post-modern refuses to be labeled, so let’s just skip that.) actually no. I am honestly not going to do anything about this. I still love having the world in my pocket. If the entirety of my existence is not immediately available, then I am afraid that because yours is I will miss something important. I must keep up. As long as I don’t have to wear one of those utility belt cases, then it really doesn’t bother me that much.

Besides the expectation is that I am always available. If I was not, then people would be annoyed. Customers and friends alike might stop calling. This is a real fear, not an exaggeration.

So I continue to maintain my availability even if I am patently unavailable. I will continue to be nowhere because I am expected to be everywhere. And so will you.

Tell me I’m wrong. Convince me that my Orwellian reality is my own psychosis. Tell me that I can be treated, saved, present. Really, I’m begging you.