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The Musical Year In Review, Part One

2010! Music! Typing! It’s time for the year in review in music. I hope everyone’s 2010 was the best, and that you’re getting to spend the holidays with your loved ones.

Here’s how it works: I’ve developed a playlist of my favorite songs from the year, and I’ll work through the playlist and discuss the year’s music and other assorted nonsense. I’ve divided this discussion into two posts because it’s ridiculously long.

Honestly, 2010 was not the best of the years in music. Last year, I made a top 40 list of my favorite albums, and I had to leave some pretty good stuff off. This year I’d be hard pressed to name 20 albums I liked. Some years are like that.

Still, I came up with a playlist of songs I like, and I hope you enjoy it:

1. “Holiday” by Vampire Weekend

So, here’s my deal with Vampire Weekend. I mean, I kind of love them, but I kind of hate them, too. I’ll discuss the hatred first, because this is a blog, and the national motto of Blogsylvania is “why put off hating until tomorrow that which you can hate today?” or maybe “all the news that’s fit to hate” or something.

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The Musical Year In Review, Part Two

You can find part one here if you haven’t read it yet. I said I would try to have part two posted by New Year’s, but I fear I have betrayed your trust. What is this world coming to if you can’t even count on a nonsense blogger to keep his promises (that weren’t really promises to start with)? This world is coming to part two of my musical year in review, that’s what!

11. “Riot Rhythm” by Sleigh Bells

So this is probably the funnest album of the year. Well, ArchAndroid is more danceable and features zombies, so maybe second funnest.

This song makes me want to stomp the yard! What does that even mean? Does anyone know what that means? I don’t really care; I want to do it when I hear this thing. “You gotta march!” Who has a yard I can stomp?

I read somewhere that the lead singer for Sleigh Bells was a school teacher before becoming an indie rock darling or whatever, and I would believe that after listening to this album. The first song, “Tell ‘Em” asks “Did You Do Your Best Today?,” and it doesn’t get much more schoolteacher than that. Classic schoolteacher way to be.

12. “Zebra” by Beach House

Okay, this won’t make any sense, but not much I say does, so . . . here goes. When I was a kid, my parents had these paperback short story collections by Alfred Hitchcock. I don’t know if they were adapted from his film and television work or if they were unrelated original works or what, but they had these crazy covers that featured Hitchcock in various morbidly fantastical scenes. For example, in one he is sitting behind an anchorman’s desk and his co-anchor is the grim reaper, and on the television screen behind him it says something ridiculous like, “The Evening Noose.”

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